At the Majors level, coaches increase the instructional focus on baseball strategies and tactics while continuing to reinforce the fundamental skills. Players are introduced to a 70’ base path and 50’ pitcher’s mound distance at this level. Infield fly rule is called. Balks, leading, stealing are now introduced as well as most baseball rules apply. Teams may only use 3 outfielders.

Majors is the most competitive level of baseball in Nashua Cal Ripken and teams are drafted by Managers using information from Player Assessments.  Most players in Majors will be 12 and 11-years-old, although qualified 10 year-olds may also be drafted onto Majors teams if they attend the Player Assessments.  NCR rules mandate that 12-year-olds play in Majors unless they receive specific approval to play in AAA.

Developmental Guidelines for Majors

Players entering Majors should be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Players entering Majors have demonstrated command of the basic skills of baseball (fielding, catching, throwing, batting and base running). They also understand appropriate actions in game situations, such as when and where to make put-outs, how to steal bases, how to tag-up on fly balls, and how to execute cut-offs.

Players who don’t meet the developmental guidelines for Majors, should remain in AAA for an additional season.

Majors Division Details
  • Players compete for positions and playing time, although every child in Majors plays a minimum of two defensive innings and gets one at-bat each game.  
  • Majors play does not employ continuous batting; only nine players may bat in a team's line-up during each inning.
  • Games last a maximum of six innings.
  • Experienced umpires officiate at Majors games.
  • Season standings are tracked and regular-season champions are recognized.
  • Majors teams participate in a end-of-year tournament at the conclusion of the regular season.
  • Teams will typically have 1 practice and 1-2 games each week. The season, which begins in late April and ends in late June, includes approximately 12 games.

*Playing time guidelines are based on a roster of 12 players. If additional players are added to the roster, this will affect playing time guidelines.