Youth Baseball for Boys & Girls Ages 4.5 - 12

Baseball is Getting Even Better in Nashua!

2014 Teams

Welcome to Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball

One league committed to the development of our city’s youth through baseball

Uniform day at Play Ball of Nashua

Majors & AAA Uniform Handout Day

Thursday April 24th at Play Ball Nashua

Below is the schedule by team times for this mandatory event.
Please have your team show up 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
Teams will receive their uniforms, info on fundraising and get 45 minutes in the tunnels.

All players and coaches should attend

Time Level Team
6:00 PM AAA Giants
6:00 PM AAA Nationals
6:00 PM AAA Pirates
6:00 PM AAA Astros
6:00 PM AAA Orioles
6:00 PM AAA Tigers
6:00 PM AAA A’s

Time Level Team
7:00 PM AAA Dodgers
7:00 PM Majors Angels
7:00 PM Majors Giants
7:00 PM Majors Phillies
7:00 PM Majors Royals
7:00 PM Majors Cardinals

Time Level Team
8:00 PM Majors Dbacks
8:00 PM Majors A’s
8:00 PM Majors Red Sox
8:00 PM AAA Cardinals
8:00 PM AAA DBacks
8:00 PM AAA Rangers
8:00 PM AAA Rockies


What your child will learn:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Social skills & more

All While Having FUN Playing Baseball “The Cal Ripken Way”!

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Coming This Season!

  • Nationally Recognized Certified Managers
  • Off Season Winter Workouts
  • Skills Training Clinics
  • Increased Practice Time
  • Improved Safety Using Back Ground Checks For Volunteers
  • Improved Website & communications
  • Online or in person registration for more information!